Where do I start !

Where do I start !
We are a family with 3 boys who love to go on games consoles and honestly do not spend enough time together so this was our way of getting back on track enjoying time together.
On arrival we were met by Audrey who greeted us all which was lovely, the Safari tent totally blew us away and the little touches just made us smile from the minute we arrived.
The hot tub was lovely and warm ready for guests to enjoy(which we did)
Everything for a nice cuppa on arrival and marshmallows to toast ! And the teddy bears for the boys to sleep with too, and from that moment on the Safari tent area was ours to enjoy and Audrey was on hand for any problems.
We accepted the kind offer of a farm tour which is so interesting.  Our  7 year old wasn’t to keen on it at first , but I have to say we have all said that was the best bit of our whole break ( and the flapjack 😊)
The boys and myself met the calves up close and myself and partner both got to drive the tractor which was so much fun and impressed the boys .
From the moment the boys saw the barn with the haybales and ropeswing we couldn’t pry them away and honestly we had so much fun with them so we never left the farm to go on any day trips as we were far too busy spending quality time together.
I had so many questions I wanted to ask Tim and we all learned something new about the working farm to our local leicestershire countryside.
The effort and time that goes into guests is by far the best we have experienced and we have already booked our return.
We can’t wait to see Tim ,Audrey and their family again and not forgetting Jaffa !

Rachel Flannery